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TORCH ON waterproofing remains the most important base material for waterproofing today, this despite the fact that dozens of “miracle” new products have come on to the market. Bitumen is inexpensive, inherently waterproof, durable, has excellent adhesive properties and is non toxic. Examples of five thousand year old applications of bitumen exist in the middle east. No other system has this track record as a waterproofing agent. Unmodified bitumen has the disadvantage of being brittle at low temperatures and soft or liquid at high temperatures. Flexibility  and flow resistance over a temperature range of  zero to ninety five degree centigrade is a prerequisite for South African conditions.

In depth research and development over a nine year period has led to the development of THERMOFLEX A P. ( Atactic polypropylene ) modified torch-on membrane. Specifically developed for harsh African conditions THERMOFLEX A P offers the following.

Vastly improved elasticity capable of accommodating thermal movements of roofs. ( Particularly required with the increase in the use of thermally insulated roof decks. )

Improved flexibility at low temperatures, enabling laying in cold weather.

Improved strength, allowing a single ply application.

Improved resistance at application temperatures, to permanent deformation, puncture and tear. Giving good “walk on” properties during and after application.

Greater capacity to bridge movements of cracks and joints in the substrate and better fatigue resistance

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